Lymphoedema Training Academy

Our Academy provides some of the highest quality training for lymphoedema professionals around the globe.

Provided by a team of leading experts with over 250 years collaborative experience you can be sure of the most evidence-based practice and training in the field.

We pride ourselves on the personal attention we offer each student and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere we promote. Together, these enable our students to develop the professional skills they need to reach their highest potential.


Why Choose Lymphoedema Training Academy for your training?

‘Through knowledge, training, education and passion, Lymphoedema Training Academy will produce therapists with the most current and relevant knowledge of lymphoedema and related conditions to equip them with the skills to provide the highest level of treatment available for the person living with lymphoedema or related conditions.’ 

Mission Statement


‘The pace of the training was spot on, with the same level of interaction as a face to face classroom setting’.

Therapist attending NEW Online Review

Lymphoedema Consultant Nurse Practitioner

I feel refreshed, inspired and re-enthused! It has boosted my confidence and restored my passion!

Student 2

Thank you so much for the enthusiastic and passionate delivery, it’s very infectious!

Student 3

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