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Here at LTA, we pride ourselves on being more than just training providers. We are passionate about supporting those who are living with Lymphoedema and other related lymphatic conditions, to ensure you receive the most effective and efficient information and treatment from our collaborative expert team.

Of course, we always recommend that you use this information with complete confidence and are supported by your therapist to ensure you follow your treatment plan.

If you don’t have a local therapist, don’t worry, our global therapist directory will support you to finding a local LTA Therapist near you.


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LymphVision are a Staffordshire based ICG imaging clinic which provides the opportunity and facilities to offer patients exceptional lymphatic care within remarkable and relaxed surroundings.

LymphVision offers a range of assessment and treatment services for patients with lymphoedema and related lymphatic conditions, delivered by skilled, knowledgeable, and highly trained professionals in the lymphatic field.

LymphVision provides the most advanced lymphatic imaging reporting and patients can benefit from ICG Imaging captured on a state-of-the-art real-time imaging technology.

For all patient enquiries and for further advice & guidance contact the clinic below.

What is SLD?

Self Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) can be a helpful tool in the successful management of lymphoedema.

It is used to assist draining the congested lymphatic fluid to an area it can flow easier. SLD usually forms part of your daily lymphoedema management but not everyone needs this. If fact, if you don’t need it and you are happy with the size of your lymphoedema as it is now, we suggest don’t do it!

For those what want improvement of your lymphoedema, SLD assists in controlling the fluid levels and draining the lymph away.

It is important that you discuss your treatment with your health care professional supporting your lymphoedema management.

To get the most efficient SLD regime, we suggest a bespoke treatment plan which can be received via through receiving lymphofluoroscopy imaging or ICG imaging, this maps your personal drainage pathway to saves you time with your SLD.

The hand movements used in SLD may seem similar to a massage but with the intention of moving fluid away from obstructed areas to the lymph nodes, where it can be drained away by emptying them.

The technique used here is based on ‘filling’ the nodes and ‘flushing’ oedema away, this is called the ‘Fill and Flush’ method (Belgrado Fill & Flush method).

The pressure should be enough to stretch the skin but not cause redness or pain and repeatedly emptying your associated node area will ensure that move lymph can drain into them.



You may have heard your therapist mentioning LymphBalls or a Laser (photobiomodulation- PBM) to help support you with carrying out your treatment?

These are our Self Lymphatic Drainage products which will help you to carry out more effective treatment on yourself, hoping to gain longer lasting results.

Here you will find a whole heap of useful information such as demonstration videos and training courses, to build on your knowledge and understanding on recognising the signs and symptoms of different types of swelling, so you know what to look out for.


We will provide you with the tools to support you to carry out Self Lymphatic Drainage.

Not sure what Self Lymphatic Drainage is?

Check out the videos for more information from our Clinical Nurse Consultant & Lead Trainer, Jane Wigg.

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Compression Garments

Exercise & Movement

Self-management of Lymphoedema

Photobiomodulation through LTA

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