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Your body relies on movement and the contraction of muscle groups to force the flow of fluid around the body.
PowerHands unique design of resistance bands, colour coded to identify different resistance levels that allow you to track your improvements.
Imposing resistance to the hand and muscle groups of the arm through exercise, will strengthen the hand and forearm by up to 54% in 7 days.
The muscles will work harder under resistance and thus help promote greater flow of fluid.


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The Healing Hands of PowerHands Helping the Fluid Flow!

You benefit from four varying resistances levels which are colour coded, from extra light to heavy.
PowerHands will enable you to improve lymphatic drainage.

You can use them for the upper limbs, toes and feet.
PowerHands is a simple and effective way to 'Helping the Fluid Flow'.


Exercise, incorporating resistance makes the muscles work harder, to assisting in the flow.

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