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New 5V Handy Cure s' Soft Laser for Pain Relief and Healing

Handy Cure s' Laser has been especially designed to combat pain and inflammation associated with acute and chronic painful musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Handy Cure s' Therapeutic Laser combines low level pulsed infrared laser, visible red light and static magnetic field in a compact handheld device that delivers speedy synergistic therapeutic outcomes. Handy Cure s' is a multi-radiance device that utilises laser light emitted by a low-level laser diode (905 nm), 4 infrared LEDs (875 nm) and 4 red LEDs (635 nm) with added benefits of static magnetic field from a static magnet. Combined synergistic use of independent therapeutic modalities has proven to produce noticeable therapeutic effects to be achieved in a relatively short time.


Handy Cure s' Pulsed Laser is particularly effective in inflammatory conditions presenting with compromised micro-circulation and impaired supply of oxygen to cells and tissues. Poor circulation frequently leads to ischaemic tissue injuries. Handy Cure s' Laser enhances blood flow in the treated areas and shortens the duration of ischaemic episodes, reducing associated pain and discomfort. With a certified lifespan of twenty-five thousand effective hours of use, the Handy Cure Laser is an affordable, whilst long term investment in a lifetime of effective and safe pain relief. Handy Cure s' Super Pulsed Low-Level Laser – an Affordable and Proven Effective Solution to Pain Relief and Healing at Home!


Handy Cure s' Laser is now available only with Laser Holder.
You can also purchase the Laser Holder separately, if have purchased Handy Cure s' Laser without holder in the past.

  • Cure s' Laser Holder improves user convenience during longer applications and multi-area treatments that require holding of the laser for longer periods of time. The Laser Holder consists of a plastic holder with Velcro strap.



Handy Cure S’

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