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The Lymphoedema Training Academy (LTA) was launched by Jane Wigg in 2002 as Leduc UK. Jane
began her nurse training in 1986 and quickly established herself into breast care nursing and
surgery. In 1994, Jane was one of the first in the country to take on a lymphoedema specialist role,
where she became a ‘lymphomaniac’. She quickly realised that there was a lack of education available in the specialism and started Leduc UK. Working her newfound passion around her full-time job, Leduc UK trained within the UK and internationally, and was known for being both innovative and research-centred.


In 2014, the Academy changed its name to be less restrictive and incorporate more things lymphoedema and lymph. This allowed for the development of pioneering techniques, which put LTA at the forefront of lymphoedema education. The Academy has the advantage of working with the esteemed pioneer of lymphofluoroscopy imaging, Professor JP Belgrado, who shared his knowledge and skills with Jane to commence LymphVision. With this newly obtained expertise, Jane sold her holiday apartment by the seain Sozopol, Bulgaria, to purchase her own Photo Dynamic Eye camera and LymphVision was started in 2014.

LymphVision offers indocyanine green imaging in the UK to support patients with improved care, treatment plans and outcomes, and allows for a deeper understanding of treatment protocols and how to enhance management of lymphoedema. LymphVision continues to provide LTA with the latest evidence-based research, to inform its education and training.


The training team comprises of 10 UK-based trainers and nine international trainers, enabling the Academy to provide education around the globe with trainers commonly located in Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, China, and India, but are always willing to teach further afield!
The collective is made up of subject matter experts from breast cancer, palliative care, oncology, community, dermatology, physiotherapy and podiatry, in addition to professors and other specialists. The Academy delivers education in many unique areas of lymphology and has recently launched the first lipoedema certified training in the world. This instantly allows for improved treatment for not only lymphoedema patients but for those living with lipoedema.


These 21 years have brought a lot of growth, development, advancement and experience, and we are delighted that the LTA compendium of best practice brings some of that together, allowing for the improvement of treatment techniques and practices.


We hope that you find the collection both enjoyable and informative, and it inspires change to improve the lives of those living with lymphatic conditions.

LTA Compendium of Best Practice

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