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TurnAbout Training

This training is for everyone because everyone has a ‘Nagging Nora’.

Jane tells the story of living with ‘Nagging Nora’, that negative voice in your head!  

It tries to sabotage everything she does.

The good news is… it’s normal, everyone has it!
When we know its normal, we can learn to ignore it and life becomes calmer, happier  and more successful.

This one day training will teach you how to recognise that voice, how it impacts on every aspects of life and allow you to consciously change behaviour to feel more empowered to tackle the great and the not so great parts of life.


Whether it’s for you, your colleagues, employees, friends or family, Jane will take you through a day of discovery, laughs, fun and maybe a few tears leading to an overwhelming change that can start immediately as soon as you understand the simple secret of ‘the Script’ and ignoring the ‘negative voice in your head’.

Oh and if you think it’s not for you, just out of curiosity, ask yourself who is saying that! 

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