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"Recognizing Excellence: Chronic Oedema Nurse of the Year Award"

Stacy Pugh, a dedicated and compassionate nurse, has been nominated for the prestigious 'Chronic Oedema Nurse of the Year' award. This recognition comes as no surprise to those who have worked alongside Stacy and witnessed her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care to her patients.

Stacy's passion for nursing and her patients is evident in everything she does. She goes above and beyond to ensure her patients receive the best possible care, going as far as organizing educational sessions for them and their families, and advocating for their needs within the healthcare system. Stacy's empathy and understanding of her patients' struggles have earned her the trust and respect of not only her patients but also their families.

She has mentored many nurses and has played a significant role in developing and implementing new treatment protocols for chronic oedema patients. Her dedication to constantly improving and innovating in her practice has had a positive impact on patient outcomes and has earned her the admiration of her peers.

Furthermore, Stacy is known for her tireless efforts to raise awareness about chronic oedema and its impact on patients' lives.

Stacy's nomination for the 'Chronic Oedema Nurse of the Year' award is a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication to her profession. She is a role model for other nurses, and her passion for patient care serves as an inspiration to all. Her patients, colleagues, and the entire healthcare community are fortunate to have Stacy Pugh as a dedicated and compassionate nurse, and she is undoubtedly deserving of this prestigious award.

The annual event, will be held on March 22nd, 2024 at the illustrious BMA House in London.

Drumroll please...The highly anticipated award results are just around the corner!



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Professionals working in the field are clear that Chronic Oedema and its treatment demand a higher profile within the NHS and that everyone has the right to accessible and effective treatment. The Award will celebrate Chronic Oedema and Lipoedema practitioners who have made an outstanding contribution in their clinical practice, geographical region, or area of research.

For this category, please consider:

  • What has this nurse contributed to Chronic Oedema and/or Lipoedema nursing?

  • How has this contribution impacted patient care?

  • How can this contribution benefit Chronic Oedema and/or Lipoedema nursing as a whole?

  • What evidence (if any) is there to support this contribution?

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Has the candidate has achieved something special in her/his nursing career and has it benefited patient care?

  • Does the candidate demonstrate a particular individual approach to patients using the essentials of compassionate care and best evidence?

  • Has the candidate introduced or developed an innovative or creative idea that clearly shows her/his nursing care has gone that little bit further than just ‘doing a good job’?

  • Does the candidate’s subject area for the award fit into the appropriate category?

  • Is there written evidence or a description of the nurse’s achievement that can be backed up by further evidence and proof of implementation?

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