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An Integrated approach to Lymphoedema and Chronic Wounds

What does the course offer you?


The course will give you a basic understanding of how to manage patients with complex wounds which have the added complication of lymphoedema. 

You will learn new assessment techniques and advanced management and treatment skills including how to undertake basic simple lymphatic drainage techniques (SLD) and apply kinesio tape and mobilising foams to break down fibrotic oedema which is turn will improve oxygenation and nutrition to the wound bed.

It will include the use of adapted bandaging techniques to improve compression levels and shaping of the leg will look at compression hosiery and wrap systems specifically targeted towards patients with lymphatic disease.


Who is the training suitable for:

Lymphoedema therapists seeing complex lymphoedema
MLD therapist seeing Complex lymphoedema
Leg Ulcer Nurses with some existing chronic oedema knowledge
Tissue Viability Nurses with some existing chronic oedema knowledge
Community/ District Nurses with some existing chronic oedema knowledge

What is the learning format:

Classroom based theory and practical skills session.

What is included within the content:

  • Basic Anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system

  • How secondary lymphoedema develops & how to assess

  • How lymphoedema effects wound healing

  • The selection of compression systems

  • The use of antimicrobials and wound bio burden reduction

  • The use of mobilising foams and kinesio tape

  • Simple lymphatic drainage techniques

  • Advanced Bandaging techniques - toe bandaging, toe to thigh bandaging/wraps and strapping.

  • The use of wraps and how to use in oedema reduction


How will I be assessed?

All students will undertake a series of course specific formative & summative assessments.

Medical Staff
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