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Lymphoedema Management in Primary Care
(Lower Limb)

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Lymphoedema Management in Primary Care
(Lower Limb)

Course Summary

This course is aimed at primary care staff such as community nurses, practice nurses and those working within tissue viability or leg ulcer clinics, this in-depth and detailed training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage lower limb lymphoedema/ chronic oedema and improve the overall well-being of your patients/clients. 


Training consists of (non-exhaustive list)  

  • Lymphatic and vascular health 

  • Inflammation, lymphatics, and gut health, 

  • Differential diagnosis and pathology 

  • Assessment and treatment 

  • Service provision and Management  

  • Comprehensive treatment programmes consisting of; Multi component bandaging, Lymphatic drainage, movement and drainage, health and wellness and adjunct therapies. 


Training will cover detailed anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic and associated vascular system, pathology of lymphoedema and chronic oedema and the different stages and types of lymphoedema. 


Understanding vascular health, lymphatics, immunity, and inflammatory responses will revolutionise how you treat your client group and how you can provide improved care for better outcomes. 


Differential diagnosis will assist in the inclusion of lymphoedema and exclusion of other causes, with the potential complications that can arise. 

You will develop an understanding of the various treatment options available, including compression therapies, manual lymphatic drainage (FG-MLD®), multi-component bandaging and exercise. Adjunct therapies will be discussed including weight management and gut health and other electrotherapies. These techniques are essential in reducing swelling, promoting lymphatic flow, and improving the overall function of the affected limb. 

Other essential elements of care will cover skincare and the psychosocial impact of lymphoedema and how to provide emotional support to your clients assisting concordance and improved quality of life. 


By the end of this course, you will be able to assess and diagnose lymphoedema, develop individualised treatment plans, and educate your clients on self-care techniques for long-term management. With your knowledge and expertise, you will be able to make a positive impact on the lives of those living with lower limb lymphoedema and improve their overall quality of life. 

Entry Requirements

This training is suitable for: Primary care staff such as Community Nurses, Practice Nurses, and Degree level trained Chiropodists & Podiatrists (BSc).

Course Format

Your course will follow a blended learning format.

With our blended learning format, you will have the opportunity to complete the theoretical components of your training at your own pace. In addition to the online learning, we offer clinical skills training on scheduled workshop dates. 

This hands-on training will allow you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and develop the necessary skills to excel in your field. 


Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the training, ensuring that you are fully prepared and confident in your abilities. 


Once you have completed your clinical skills training, you will receive your certification, validating your skills and knowledge.

Assessment Criteria

All students will undergo a series of course specific formative & summative assessments.

Throughout the course you will be assessed through observation of practical tasks, written assessments, assignments, research and online tests.

1 x Multiple choice theory exam 

1 x Case study reflective article 

1 x Practical skills clinical assessment 


All components of the course will need to be completed to achieve an LTA cert. qualification. 

Course Inclusions

As part of your training pack, LTA will provide all training support materials required to undertake the course.


Such as but not limited to:​

  • LymphBalls™

  • Latest LTA Research & Development articles

  • Lymphoedema supporting literature

  • Access to in-house LTA training & demonstration videos

  • Learning management platform (CANVAS) profile & course content

  • Snacks & Refreshments throughout your practical skills workshops 

  • Dedicated support from the LTA training team

Course Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certification of Practice & LTA Certification in ‘Lower Limb Lymphoedema Management'.

The benefit of an LTA certification means you can;

  • Write LTA Cert. after your name.

  • Display FG-MLD® Certified and LTA Cert. logo on your marketing material.

  • Be recognised through wearing you LTA cert. qualification badge.

  • Practice MLD to further enhance outcomes.

  • Be listed on our international directory of lymphoedema services.

  • Use an innovative technique and ensure effective treatment programmes.

  • Receive training and support from Jane Wigg & Team.

  • Access the latest developments in Lymphoedema care.

  • Have access to a private LTA Certified Therapist FB Page for on-going support and advice.

Expert Training for Optimal Patient Care

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