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Kinesio-taping Training

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The application of  Kinesio-taping (KT) in lymphoedema and oedema management adds another dimension to assist management. Offered as therapist application and self management, this training will assist with improved outcomes. 
This course offers an overview on all aspects of treating the patient with lymphoedema using Kinesio taping methods. Students will be participating in an interactive therory and practical day. Sessions cover  the history and research which underpins the taping methods in addition to practical demonstration and application

Learning objectives:

  • To increase knowledge of why KT is a useful addition to treat oedema of all causes.

  • Promote safe practice and competency in the use of KT

  • To encourage reflective practice and thorough evaluation of KT techniques.


Entry requirements:

Suitable for all lymphoedema therapists at all levels from novice to expert with limited knowledge of the use of kinesiology taping in lymphoedema.

Learning format:

Classroom based theory and practical skills session.


  • Upper and lower limb taping applications

  • Midline, head, and neck applications

  • Use in scar management.



All students will undertake a series of course specific formative & summative assessments.


Certificate of attendance (CPD points pending)

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