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Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Laughing Yoga
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Why laughter yoga?

Laughter really is the best medicine, when we laugh we take in more oxygen, filling our cardiac system, lungs and muscles. We get more oxygen to our brain assisting cognitive behaviour and we release endorphins and ‘feel good hormones’ helping our mindset and coping mechanisms.


Laughter Yoga is the use of laughter without the need for humour, the body doesn’t know the difference. Combined with relaxation and breathing exercises, laughter yoga is an all round activity that you can do alone or with others.


Our 2 day laughter yoga training provides the skills for you to carry our laughter yoga sessions, individually or as groups and the good news is it’s not just for lymphoedema, these skills can be used anywhere with anyone.


Extensively used in ranging from elderly care to the corporate world, Laughter yoga opens up possibilities but also for Lymphoedema, assisting with some of the key skills required to manage the condition- exercise; Lymph drainage; improved mobility; concordance and psychosocial support.

Why not add Laughter Yoga to your treatment protocols and came along for a laugh

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