Limb Volume Calculator

App Description

LymVol has been specially designed and developed to help Lymphoedema professionals measure and calculate the limb volume of those affected by oedema.

The method of calculation used in this application is a recognised mathematical and medical standard for measuring limb volume. It is calculated through the measure and addition of cylindrical 4cm sections of both the Distal and Proximal for each limb.

The app also includes a BMI calculator and a complete set of instructions on how to measure limbs accurately and effectively

Results of calculation include:
  • Distal, Proximal and total volume(s) for each limb.

  • Total excess in mls and as a percentage for affected limb.

  • Difference in volume in mls, as a percentage and as a ratio for both Distal and Proximal.

  • Distal/Proximal ratio.


Available from your Google App Store


Apple App Store version available soon!