Introducing…Handy Cure s’® with Device Holder


Home Use Laser Therapy

Laser, LED and Photobiomodulation (PBM) has been used for over 20 years in Lymphoedema Management


Easy to use

Self administering

Affordable home use

Helps soften tissue

Reduces inflammation

Improves tissue repair

Regenerate cells


Non-Invasive, CE Certified, Low Level Laser to help with:

Lymphoedema management

Acute/chronic pain

Relief from Fibromyalgia

Orthopaedic conditions

Muscle strains and tears

Joint Diseases

Sports injuries


I use the Handy Cure in my chiropractic office for many different conditions. I have used more powerful lasers, more expensive lasers- but the Handy Cure does a fantastic job on my patient’s conditions.

It is easy to use… so easy that some of my patients have purchased ones for home use.

I have 350 doctors in my group and many have purchased the Handy Cure  to help even the most difficult patients. Powerful, easy to use and inexpensive is a winning combination

Dr Craig S Ross


I have been using LED therapy for Lymphoedema management since 2002 introducing it to the UK. I am thrilled that Handy Cure is a device available that is suitable not only for professionals but also patient self use.

The benefits of using Handy Cure to treat Lymphoedema include reduction of thickened tissue, muscle mobility and reduced pain.

Research I have conducted also shows general improvement in health

Jane Wigg

Clinical Nurse Consultant, UK

I have had my Handy Cure Laser for many years. I have treated my joints pre and post surgery and use if for my knees, shoulders and hands.  I use if now to maintain my pain especially as I have had to change my pain killers due to digestive issues. It forms part of my daily care and in summary ‘I think it’s brilliant!


long-term user of Handy-cure, UK