An Audience with…Professor Peter Mortimer

Professor Peter Mortimer needs little introduction, as a global icon of lymphology.

The Professor is a dermatologist and specialist in lymphovascular medicine and studies and treats the clinical consequences of lymphatic dysfunction.

This one-day event will allow for you to freely ask questions on demand for presentations around the subject and bespoke planning of the day.

This is your chance to ask your questions, thoughts and queries direct to Professor Mortimer.

You could even send your subjects into ahead of the event to ensure that your questions are covered!


Lipoedema Management Programme – UK 1ST

Lipoedema Management Programme – UK 1ST

Fantastic New 3 day Lipoedema Management Programme

Thursday 19th – Saturday 21st March

£425 + VAT


We are delighted to announce the following prestigious global speakers will be attending the UK’s 1st Lipoedema Management Programme training:

Professor JP BelgradoProfessor Jean Paul Belgrado

Professor Vaughan Keeley

Dr Catherine Seo

Mr Vasu Karri

Dr Karen L Herbst

Dr Leslyn Keith

And from Lymphoedema Training Academy…

Jane Wigg LTA Director

Katinka Rutjens LTA International Trainer

Contact the office on 0330 010 1317 or

NEW Exclusive Events!

NEW Exclusive Events!

Lymphatic Bowen Technique:

Addressing lymph drainage using manual therapy treatments has potentially been demonstrated  to facilitate the evacuation of fluid out of intra-fascial spaces and assist in the reduction of tensions and limitations created by adhesions post-surgery. This one day course focuses upon the findings developed in the Bowen Technique, a well recognised hands on approach for MSK that has wide ranging noted affects for lymph as well…

Lymphatic Bowen Technique

Wed 4 March & Sat 27 June
£150 + VAT


Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe)

Thursday 12th March
£75 + VAT (introductory offer)

Matrix Rhythm Therapy:

  • Restores the natural pumping action of the micro vibrations of the skeletal musculature
  • Operates in the physiological frequency range 8-12 Hz
  • Eliminates mechanical blockages to the flow of lymph and to the proper functioning of the intrinsic and extrinsic lymphatic pumps.
  • Overcomes tissue adhesions which reduce the permeability and elasticity of the extracellular matrix.

Cancer Rehabilitation Course

Cancer Rehabilitation aims to allow the patient to achieve optimal physical, social, psychological and vocational functioning within the limits imposed by the disease and its treatment.

This one-day event will teach you how to identify and manage and help the survivor cope with the common complications of cancer treatments…

Cancer Rehabilitation Course


Tuesday 18th March
£75 + VAT

Technical Aspects of Garment Fitting

Wednesday 1st April
£150 + VAT 

Technical Aspects of Garment Fitting

A 1-day training with garments and innovations experts Katinka Rutjens and Rene de Klerk from the Netherlands.

They will spend quality time with you to teach you the technical aspects of garment fitting, give you tips and tricks to get the best fit for your patient…

“It’s Not Just a Bit of Swelling”

This interactive study day will introduce you to the causes of swelling, the signs and symptoms and the management strategies available to help.

From cancer related, cardiac or following injury or infection, we will take you through the assessment process and provide some useful management strategies to assist and where to signpost to get help…

"It's Not Just a Bit of Swelling"

Wednesday 15th April
£55 + VAT