An Audience with…Professor JP Belgrado

Back by popular demand, we are delighted to inform you…

An Audience with…Professor JP Belgrado

Tuesday 4 June 2019

This interactive and exciting day will cover the Professor’s current research and interesting case studies, more details can be found on here.

Only £50

Including lunch and refreshments

Lymphoedema News!

Lymphoedema News!

In Westminster last night @PartnersLymph met with MPs & Health Leaders to launch a new guide on commissioning lymphoedema services and promote understanding and equitable treatment. 

This is a giant step forward for Lymphoedema care… now we just need to keep moving!

And the training continues…

And the training continues…

‘Train the Trainers’

Jane and the Team are back at work less than 12 hours after winning the prestigious

JWC 2019 Professional Education Award!

No rest when training was already planned…

Would you like to participate in the next award winning training?

JWC 2019 Professional Education Award

JWC 2019 Professional Education Award

And the winner is …

We are so proud to announce the winner of the JWC 2019 Professional Education Award is our very own Jane Wigg.

Her dedication, motivation and inspiration is second to none and this award is very much deserved.  

Patient welfare is always forefront in her teaching and the team here at LTA are both privileged and proud to be part of her journey, long may it continue! 

Welcome Nika!

We are delighted that Nika has arrived. Nika is senior nurse and Lymphoedema specialist from Hunan Cancer Hospital in China. Nika has 3 months training with us, visiting other Lymphoedema services and improving skills – this forms part of our partnership with China and our ‘Lymphoedema Training Academy:China’

Spring Complete Package 2019

Spring Complete Package 2019

Welcome to our Spring 2019 cohort who commenced their training this week online with Jane Wigg…

They will be visiting the Academy for a few days next week to continue their ‘Essential Care in Lymphoedema’ training.

After a few weeks study and practice they will return at the beginning of March to commence the ‘Advanced Management of Lymphoedema’ course which includes the most evidence based MLD training available.

If you would like to join us both Summer and Winter dates are available on the website.

See you soon!

It is almost time for our very 1st “IN THE CLINIC…with Jane Wigg”

It is almost time for our very 1st "IN THE CLINIC...with Jane Wigg"

We have already received some great questions for Jane and she looking forward to sharing her responses tonight!

“IN THE CLINIC” is something that we have been working on for some time because Jane is inundated with questions, not only from people that she has trained but also other therapists around the world. 

Jane wants to share her knowledge with you to make sure that patients receive the best possible care and that you are supported as a Lymphoedema therapist.

If you have not yet secured your place, there is still time to join us for the 1st session

TONIGHT @ 20:00 GMT.

Don’t worry if you cannot tune in live, the replay will be available for you to watch at your leisure. This is a monthly event, so if you have any questions that you want to ask Jane, or if you would like to increase your knowledge, or simply be part of a support network then please do join us.  Contact Lyndsey on for more details.

For the many people that have already joined, see you on tonight!