About Jane Wigg

Jane Wigg (RGN, MSc) is the only authorised trainer of Fluoroscopy Guided Manual Lymphatic Drainage (‘Fill and Flush’) in the UK.


To date, Jane’s knowledge and abilities have helped over 450 students successfully complete their MLD training.

Jane has been at the forefront of lymphoedema management for over 20 years, commencing one of the first lymphoedema clinics in the UK.  In 2002, Jane also commenced the Lymphoedema Training Academy (LTA), as a means of providing quality education in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and other treatments for therapists. In 2014, LTA introduced Fluoroscopy Guided Manual Lymphatic Drainage (FG-MLD/’Fill and Flush’ technique) into the UK and following extensive training and research, she has established the first UK lymphatic mapping clinic for MLD.

Jane frequently delivers  papers and seminars globally regarding lymphoedema, its treatment, management treatment strategies and MLD. This year she has been nominated and received an award from the Royal College of Nursing and the British Journal of Nursing as well as receiving several awards at the International Conference on Physiotherapy Awards which took place in India.

As previous manager of Wolverhampton Lymphoedema service for 15 years, Jane helped expand the service to become one of the largest in the UK.

Jane also works as Clinical Consultant to Haddenham Healthcare where she enjoys a flexible role of advising and developing new products and working with research and innovation.

In addition to conducting private training courses for LTA, Jane also teaches at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London.  Each year LTA trains in excess of 120 new therapists including international students from all over the world.

Jane was until recently a non Executive Director for Lymphcare UK and is a Trustee of Lipoedema Ladies.

She has is also director of LymphVision which provides world-leading NIRF Lymphatic Imaging and has already opened 4 clinics in the UK over the past year.